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To Fit Any Scent Profile 

We know that shopping for a fragrance online is very difficult. Believe it or not, no amount of scent description can explain the visceral reaction you will have when you take your first whiff. With that in mind, we have tried to be as descriptive as possible. We offer our clients living in Antigua and Barbuda the opportunity to exchange their fragrances for something that they can live with. 



A delicate musk atop notes of orange and eucalyptus creates a clean, fresh scent that wraps you in a fragrant embrace.


Unwind on your own tropical island with this intoxicating blend of Vanilla, Coconut, and Lily of the Valley. This fruity scent enriched with chamomille and Aloe Vera is the perfect escape from being normal.


Power is an energizing and fiery fragrance inspired by a man’s greatest love. With top notes of lemon and grapefruit, it builds into red saffron and sage, and a base of oak, cedarwood and coffee. 


A fragrance for both day and night, A soft vanilla mixes with earthy sandalwood and musk for a powdery woodsy aroma. The luxurious blend of essential oils such as myrrh and magnolia creates a unique scent.


An Amber Spicy fragrance, with top notes of tobacco leaves and spices. Middle notes to vanilla and tonka beans.


A clean, masculine scent that captures the freshness of aquatic territory. This fragrance is made up of crushed mint leaves, warm brown sugar and the zest of a lemon.


Hodges Bay, Antigua. 

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