Barber Week 2020: Directors’ Cut Barbershop

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Directors’ Cut is the brainchild of Eleston ‘Jus Bus’ Adams jr who is the Sole Proprietor of the local enterprise. Jus Bus as he’s affectionately known gets candid with us in his interview about his business, his past, and his plans for the future.

Jus Bus stated that he had his first experience cutting hair hanging out in a small barbershop in his village. Where he was taken on as an apprentice, sweeping floors and eventually being given the opportunity to cut hair. He admitted that he paid his dues, worked hard, and learned from others who taught him several techniques that he had no clue about. He credits that experience for grooming him to have a strong work ethic and good customer service which are essential in his business. For which he has hundreds of very satisfied customers.



His business began in 2006 when he started Jus Bus Again Barbershop in Liberta village. After feeling that he would thrive better in the city, where the foot traffic would be greater, he joined with a few barbers who opened a barbershop in the heart of St. John’s in 2013.

He worked there for about a year, building his clientele and delivering consistent, high-quality grooming services. Following a dispute, he felt that it would better to move on and to start his own barbershop. He wanted to push his business, and use the skills that he had developed over the past seven years to make his business a success.

He states that his motivation in his business is to be better than he was before. Coming from humble beginnings he intends to prove to others and himself that he can and will be successful and he intends to be just that.

When asked how has Covid-19 impacted his business, Jus bus stated that it didn’t really harm him, as he was able to convert to doing house calls. He stated that Covid-19 has only shown us as a country where our flaws and shortcomings are, and it was up to us as business owners to rise to the challenge.

For him, his favorite part of doing his job is the transformations… after completing a cut, eyebrow, or lineup and giving that client the mirror and having them smile; To him that smile is priceless.

Want to contact Jus Bus, Check him out on Facebook and Instagram, or call +12687217692.