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Our Story


Wadadli Beard Culture is the brainchild of Amanda Charles; A perioperative nurse, mother, and budding entrepreneur.

The backstory of the brand was quite normal, to say the least. Amanda’s partner at the time insisted on allowing his beard to grow out very unattractively. After threatening to cut it off several times, and being utterly ignored; She decided to help him take care of it. That was the beginning of the search for affordable beard products. 

The problem with the products she found was, everything was either gloriously overpriced or suspiciously cheap. She made several purchases, however, when it wasn’t one issue, it was the next. The scent was either really bad but had amazing natural ingredients, or it lacked a lot of substance, but the scent was to die for. 

Frustration lead her to youtube, blogs, wholesale websites, and private label companies. It was all very overwhelming, then she decided to do it all herself. 


Epic things start with small humble steps.

After months of research, buying expensive oils and dropper bottles on amazon, her relatives became the official test dummies for the brand. With the help of very supportive family, friends, and an innovative barbershop owner Byron Weekes; the brand officially launched in November 2019, and the rest is history. Almost-

Trusted by clients

We are a young company with a lot of growing to do, but customer service is at the forefront of our business. With hassle-free exchanges, discounts, flash sales, and special deals are dedicated to making our client’s experience phenomenal. 



Hodges Bay, Antigua. 

Please call us at +12687761042

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